Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Happy Father's Day Mr. Hugh Jackson

My Best Friend and Life Partner...
 While I'm truly thankful for my dad; Thomas Pride, Sr., I want to give tribute to my best friend Hugh Jackson.  I first met Mr. Jackson  about 11 years ago. My son was about to be promoted to 5th grade; middle school, and he needed a father figure. My daughter was about 7 years old and she needed a father figure as well.  I prayed to the Father to send me some help. He sent us Mr. Jackson. At the time, he was raising his 2 sons that were close to the same age as my kids. My kids needed him and his boys needed me.  Ever other weekend; when he and to work; i kept the boys.

When I had my cancer scare in 2007, he took me to all of my doctors appointments and held my hand during my biopsy.  When I drifted into depression, he was the one who came over to rub my feet and tell me to comb my hair. I love you for that. 

I had to fire a dude once because he wanted me to choose between him and Mr. Hugh. This man had the nerve to say "I need to be to you what he is to you". Boy please.

My birthday is September 5 and his is September 6. We always celebrate our birthdays together. But before you get the wrong idea; there is NOTHING ROMANTIC BETWEEN US. Just two people raising kids. PERIOD. So if someone tells you that men and women can't be friends; it's not true. Especially when your motive and goal is to honor God and raise productive members of  society. There is more I can say but I don't have that much space on my dash board.

Last year, we almost lost him. He spent over 20 days in ICU...But God is a healer. 

Father to My Son...
Between us, we have 4 kids around the same age [he does have 2 older children]. When my son was a 2nd year WEBELS and my daughter was a Brownie he took a lot of pressure off of me. Mr. Hugh's sons were close to the same rank and again he jumped like it was nothing. He began to take my son to the scouting events when he took his sons. He just took over and did all of the things fathers do with and for sons. When my son earned his Eagle rank, He gave a father's and mentor pin to Mr. Hugh. If he was running late; I would pick up the children at school and take them home (our kids went to the same school too; Look at God).

When it was time to move my son to college, Mr. Hugh was there. When I cried like a baby, he was there to pray with me and to let me know "he is going to college not off to war". When I had major surgery back in 2007. He took care of the kids and even rubbed my feet.

  Father to My Daughter...

Mr. Hugh has also been a father to my daughter. He takes her on dates and calls her on a regular basis. From day 1 he filled the hole her bio-dad left. He was there during move in week for college. When she was a girl scout, He helped me to buy all of the cookies so that she would be Top Seller 2 years in a row. From elementary school, middle school, high school, to college; Mr. Hugh has been her dad.

He calls her our baby girl. She is the baby for sure. She is so spoiled. Trust me. 

For the longest time, people thought we were married. Even people at church; since we belong to the same congratulation, saw us as the Jackson Family or the Greer family. Guess what, the kids all look alike too!  

Happy Father's Mr. Hugh Jackson. Below is my Father's Day Page dedicated to you.

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