Royal Scrap Club Crops and Retreats

Creation and Evolution of Royal Scrap Club and Company

CYNTHIA MICHELLE PRIDE AKA Cyndi Pride is owner and Founder of Royal Scrap Club; Scrapbooking Club for Busy Women, RSC and Company, and DIVAS. 
The idea of “creative royalty” began in 1998 with a preschool aged Sunday School Class that I taught. Royal Scrap Club, as it is known today, was created and founded in 2003 as Royal Scrap Club with 2 members; Cynthia Pride and Marti Morris. Royal Scrap Club began doing business as Royal Scrap Club in 2005; and RSC and Company in 2011. RSC became members of Delta Phi Scrappa (DPS) a National Sorority for Papercrafters in November 2009. We are the only Chapter in Tennessee. RSC-DPS Nashville, TN began with the following Charter members.
Cynthia Pride                         Christine Perry                       Kaylee Perry
Carolyn Smith                         Millie Brackett
Marti Morris                           Shemeka Greer
Pat Tamburri                          Shirley Shaw
Donnice Hamblin                  Beverly Quinn
Yvonne Taylor                         Alexis Greer

Royal Scrap Club (RSC) is a faith based home business and scrapbooking club for busy women. RSC is diverse group of crafting women of faith with a wide range of talents and skill sets.  Club skill sets range from beginners to advanced crafters. The sisters of RSC are known as “Royal Scrappas” and “DIVAS (Divine Anointed Virtuous Anointed Sisters/Sisterhood”.
RSC And Company is the umbrella for the following; and is represented in various forms:

Royal Scrap Club
RSC and Company
RSC Crops and Retreats
Royal Scrap Club Crops & Retreats
Royal Scrap Club; Scrapbooking Club for Busy Women
Royal Scrap Club; Scrapbooking Club 4 Busy Women
RSC-DPS Nashville, TN
 Royal Scrappa
RSC Royal Scrappas
Nashville’s Scrapping Sisters blog

Club Signature
Each member has her own “Scrappy Signature”; however the group signature is a silver Tiara because we are daughters of The King.

RSC and Company tag lines and publications

More Than Pretty Paper and Pictures…
Hit it and Quit it Scrapbooking Methods
Busy Beginners
DIVAS: Sisterhood in Action

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