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I've Been Accepted!!

   I can remember when my daughter and I were reading about colleges and she told me that she only wanted to go to a Historically Black College or University (HBCU).  I was thinking, praise God TSU (Tennessee State University) here she comes. DING-DONG-WRONG! She said that she wanted to go to Alabama A&M in Huntsville. Then the prayer wheel started turning. " Lord, you said that you would supply all of our needs according to your riches" and you said that "What things we desire, when we pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them". 

     Now, she had some struggles in high school and was at best a B- to C+ student. Even though she would study and work hard; she had trouble. School just did not come easy to her; but her common sense and work ethic was ON POINT. Believe that. Nevertheless, Alexis only applied to one school. She had faith that the Lord would give her the desires of her heart and that he would provide. As you know, out of state tuition is a booger...
Layout 3: I've been accepted


Layout 3: Supplies

  • Paper: Stampin Up.
  • Paper: Paper Studio
  • Paper Basic Grey
  • Tag:  Studio G
  • Flowers: Recollections
  • Brads: Paper Studio and Stampin Up!
  • Stickers: Paper studio
  • Punch: Fiskas

    This LO has several dimensions and different patterns of paper. I knew that I wanted to use the congratulations paper (from my scrap stash); but white does not really fit with warm colors. So I decided to ink the white edges with walnut colored ink.  This did help to tone down the white.

Example 1: Inking and matching

The congratulations strip is still just a little more white than I like; but the more I look at it, the better I like it.  I choose the worded patterned paper based on the words: Believe, Imagine, create, brilliant...because all of those words described my daughter and her faith that God would supply all of her needs.

I pulled out several scraps of paper just trying to match the worded paper. SUCCESS, It all came together nicely.

Q: Do you choose worded paper because of what it says or because of the colors? do you use the entire sheet or just enough to tell the story?


Example 2: Flowers, bling, and brads

I added flowers to the first page of the layout just for dazzle. Since I knew that I wanted to use some of the information from the university to tell more of the story; the flowers highlighted every item on the page.

A little here and a little there.

I was sure not to place any of my pictures on this page because I'm wasn't sure what type of paper this was or how much acid it may have had.

Q: Do you save and scrapbook with memorabilia?

Example 3: Photo Arrangement

**tears** When the packet came in the mail; I knew that she had been accepted because denials come in a plain white envelope. I knew this but she didn't.

So I took out my camera and started snapping while she was opening the packet. I took photos from every angle.

I angled the left and right photos and used foam pop ups for the one in the center. I matted the photo on the bottom so that it would match the thankfulness sticker.

Example 4: Tags

I used tags from the dollar bin at JoAnns etc. That dollar bin stuff is cute!  My daughter calls this her "Shout Out to The Master" tag.

Thank you again for visiting.

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  1. But God!! He surely will.. make a way!
    You've captured great moments and halved laid them out, beautifully.

  2. But God!! He surely will.. make a way!
    You've captured great moments and have laid them out, beautifully.

  3. God is so good! Congratulations to your daughter! I love the photos capturing her reading the acceptance letter. I choose paper with words because of what it says. The amount I use (whole sheet or a portion) depends on my mood. :-)
    I haven't used much memorabilia on my layouts; but I have a ton that I've saved with that intention.

    1. You are the winner of my blog hop prize. email me your mailing address.

  4. God is truly good. And as you said he will answer all our needs. A big CONGRATS TO YOUR DAUGHTER! I was ready to cry for you when I read you post. I love that you capture so many angles. You did a beautiful job on your layout. Congrats Again!!!

  5. Congrats to your daughter! God is good all the time. Another nice layout. I choose paper with words because of what it says and I only use a portion of it. I've used some memorabilia but not much.

  6. GOD is good all the time.....congrats to your daughter on her next step in life. I use word papers for what is stated on the paper then size it down. I haven't used memorabilia on a layout but I do you it in my smash books........again congrats to the daughter and cute layout.

  7. What a blessing and A+wesome Memory to scrapbook! I use memorabilia in my layouts and mini albums.

  8. What a beautiful LO and testament to God giving your daughter the desire of heart. Congrats to you and her for a job well done!

    1. God is faithful and just. Thank you Treva

  9. What a great memory! May you continue to be blessed. Melissa "mzlis23"

  10. Hey Lady! What a wonderful testimony and congrats to your daughter! I just know she's going to do great cause...she has you for a mother! Love ya! :)

  11. Very pretty layout - love your photos and your papers!

  12. great way to document lifes great moments...there is a spray that you can buy at like Michaels or Joann's that makes memorabilia acid -free...costs about $15 I think but use your coupon!

  13. Congrats to your daughter's admission to college.

  14. WOw!! how awesome that you daughter has been accepted,, Blessings!!!

  15. We should all have the type faith your daughter has. Congrats!!!!