Monday, July 20, 2015

Gateway Drugs and Addctive Behavior

Scrapbooking Gateway Drugs and Addictive Behavior

Scrapbookers Gateway:  a drug (cardstock) whose use is thought to lead to the use of and dependence on a harder drug (as double sided printed cardstock). 

HELLO, MY MAME IS CYNDI and I’m addicted to paper, glitter, and buttons. I’m on a crafting purchase “fast” and not doing well at all. I’m also sailing toward a crop addition. But there is nothing like an addition to paper. 
 I recently went to a crop where we waited for almost over an hour in line in order to get a good seat. Obsession? Fun? What ever it was, it was FUN!!

Once you are addicted, you will find yourself buying paper for an open van, in the middle of a parking lot with hundreds of witnesses. You throw caution to the wind; not caring who is looking or taking pictures of you  feeding the paper beast inside of you heart and mind. And then, it hits you-the unmistakable smell of ink and the feel of heavy cardstock. Oh Lord, and then you see the vibrant colors and the details of each line combined to make very appealing design. The next thing you know; you are smelling the paper and rubbing the paper between your thumb and pointer finger. You’re somehow transformed back into the day when you purchased your first pack of Stampin Up! paper and how it felt; you remember how well it cut with your paper trimmer. The all of a sudden you are buying more and more. You cry out saying “Yes, Yes, Yesss. It’s double sided”. My scrappy friends like paper too. So we will just be addicted together.

My sisters in the struggle; Scarlett and Sharon, know exactly how it feels to be addicted/in love with paper. Is there hope? Is there freedom from the addiction? Can we be saved? Absolutely. Is there a way to curb the hunger of paperphilia? 
The Magic Mike of the paper world, is Stampin Up, Bo Bunny, Bella Blvd, Simple Stories, and The Paper Loft. I’m sure there are several more great brands out there, but those are my favs. What are you favorite paper brands? When we went to the crop at Trace Creek, I found all of my favorite brands of paper plus lots of extra stuff. My crew found lots of good deals at the yard sale. So It's a good thing we have CPR coming up on October 16, 17, 18, 2015 . During the CPR Crop, we will go through a little scrappy therapy and rehab.

Royal Scrap Club; Scrapbooking Club for Busy Women Event Center

CPR 2015 Fall Crop & Retreat"The Doctor Will See You Now"October 16, 17, 18, 2015Montgomery Bell State Park Inn & Conference Center1000 Hotel AvenueBurns, TN 37029 

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