Thursday, June 25, 2015

Play the Hand You've Been Dealt

 Garden Download for today. 

I planted seeds in my kitchen on April 11, 2015. I planted 3 seeds per cup. A few weeks later it was time to plant into the ground. All of the plants received water, sunlight, food, and positive conversation from me. A few more weeks pasted and the garden was getting crowded and had to be thinned before it was too late. Squash, watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini etc.; no plant was untouched. The plants that were removed were not thrown into the trash; they were placed on a plant tray. They still received water and food. The separated plants; though stunted, but continued to grow. The plants that were separated and placed in the plant tray still had a portion of the original soil and still received words of affirmation. 

A few more weeks passed and the plants in the garden bed began to bear fruit. The plants in the tray were still green and doing their best with their circumstances. Then I noticed, 1 of the separated plants began to produce blooms; no fruit but blooms. So I took that 1 cucumber plant and planted it into the ground with its soil and told (yes I talk to my plants every day) “there is no room for you in the bed, so you are going to have to do the best you can.” The other plants remained in the tray for a couple more weeks. One (1) plant gave up and died, while still receiving water and food. Four (4) were adopted and three (3) were left in the tray. The cucumber plant that was planted into the gown receives water that runs from the gaps between the hose and the faucet. It gets sun but no extra food. It gets words of encouragement and tough love. Believe it or not; it that plant is catching up to the ones planted into the garden bed. So today I planted the 3 remaining plants into the same hard unconditioned soil just to see if they will have the same determination. It was at that time that the Holy Spirit reminded me that you have to play the hand you’ve been dealt. When your life is snatched from the very gates of hell and you receive another chance, play your hand with fervor and determination.  

"Play the hand you're dealt" my friend.   Things happen in our life that we don't always like or have control over. You are sometimes placed in a position because of decisions that our parents or grandparents made. Sometimes you can't fix or change it because of your own mindset and lack of opportunities.  We have to play the hand that we were dealt. Now, my friend,  HOW you play that hand is completely up to you. Like Donnie McClurkin said" We fall down but we get up"   You can not allow your circumstances or the situation you are in dictate the outcome of  your life; you have the power to determine the outcome. You can't do it alone; you must have the direction of Gods Holy Spirit.

We all have a mother (gardener) and the same beginning; a seed is planted and grows. Let’s start with kindergarten; when the separation and pruning begins. No child has control over the circumstances of their birth, social and economic development. But the difference is made for them by parents and society. Society separated us based on our zip code, your parent’s level of education, and even your religious affiliation. Sad but true. Around the beginning of middle school you have to determine where you want your life to go. Do you want to be with to be with the crowd making wrong decisions or can you handle being called a nerd or teacher’s pet on the way to getting an education? Play the wrong card if you want to and DCS, CJC, and MPD have a place waiting for you. You can make it if you are determined to succeed.

         For example: In the game of UNO, you have no choice but to play the hand you're dealt. How you play that hand is the key and super important. If I play it wrong, you are done. You can have a killer hand with 4 wild cards  and use them at the wrong  time, then you are out because of circumstances. At the same time you can have a bad and you can win. You have a good hand with the right colors, on you way to saying UNO...Then life hits you with a Skip Card ( you did not get the job you wanted, your pell grant did not come through, you are always a bridesmaid and never the bride). You keep holding on to Wild Card. The the next blow comes, you get hit with a Draw 4 card (lost your job, unplanned pregnancy, cancer, failed marriage, death of a love one...). Then all of a sudden that wild card is looking so great...
My Point is,  when the cards have been dealt and you are going "through"  (and we all do), remember, you have to make a conscience decision on how you play the "hand you were dealt". Don't give up  PLAY IT RIGHT!!! 

So what if you were separated from the mainstream by an unplanned pregnancy, a failed marriage, a drug addiction, job loss, or death of a loved one. You may not be where the others are yet (owning a home, a great credit score, children in college, a new car, a great high paying job, or multiple college degrees). You can handle a set back with God. The opportunity is there; but you have to want more and fight for it. So what if you are a little stunted; keep growing. So what if the drive and determination of others is dying around you; keep growing.  Who cares if no one in your family has ever tried to better themselves and fight for a better life; play your hand and keep growing.  Yes, you got separated from the group and yes, you have to fight for every bit of nourishment; but play your hand and keep growing. So what if people are raving and visiting the successful bed of plants (people), you are still one of Gods plants. Yes, you are still in the race to bear fruit. You must Fight, keep growing and playing your hand. Time will tell. 

Peace & Blessings,
Scrappin “Garden” Chick

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