Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dues, Donations, and Fundraisers

Dues, Donations, or Fundraisers
Ecclesiastes 10:19 Feasts are made for laughter, wine cheers the living, and money answers everything.

Let’s face it, money is tight all over.  Some are content and some have money stresses. But I’m convinced that we sacrifice for the things that we care about and for the things that benefit us.  I’m sure that I’m not the only one who believes in supporting the things that benefit me and the things that I care about.  I don’t believe it is fair to belong to a social group, church, or any group and allow others to shoulder the financial burden. Before you get turned off; this is not a rant, it’s a call to action.
I’m a single mom with 2 children in college, I make less the $30K a year, my car is almost 10 years old, I have student loans, some debt, and I’m the owner and founder of a local scrapbooking and papercrafting club. Sometimes I have more going out than coming in. But God is Faithful.
The cost of running my club can get expensive and some of time I shoulder the majority of the expense. Royal Scrap Club has been in existence for over 10 years and I’ve spent countless dollars financing my club and supporting the clubs of others in my crafting network.  Now you know my business. If you are a part of a social club, church, association, or network-do you support it with dues, donations, or fundraisers?

        I have an exercise for you. Make a list of all the different social groups you’re a part of, both online and off, church groups, crafting groups, neighborhood associations, listener supported radio, etc. Then write how it benefits you and how it benefits your community. I also want for you to write down how this group is funded. Once you’ve done this, ask yourself “did I help to make this group better when you joined?” and “how can I help to make it better”.
        If you are not satisfied with your list, you can make a change in your level of support. You may not have and the money to donate; Lord knows that my budget but the T in tight. But I believe in being a supportive sister; even if it is $1 at a time. I believe in supporting my local church with my tithe and offering. I’m blessed by my local listener supported radio (K-Love and NPR); so I support them. I’m blessed by Joyce Meyers and Creflo Dollar; so I support the ministry.  We are blessed to be blessings.

        Royal Scrap Club does not have dues; not yet. But we accept donations at our events; to help with the expenses. Donations come in many forms; snacks or beverages, money, bathroom tissue, paper plates, etc. Whatever a participant can do makes the burden lighter.  I’m a part of 2 meetup groups. Even though I have scheduling conflicts, I want to support. Whether it’s paying 5 bucks a month or simply bringing a box of cookies.  If your group benefits you, pay your dues or donate. If you don’t pay and share the burden; are you doing your part to make the group better? If your group does implement dues; are you the type of person to leave the group over 5 bucks a month? If you are, pray about it.

        I’ve been a Wish Granter for my local Make A Wish organization for 8 years; not to mention my bestie works for St Jude’s. These groups don’t benefit me directly; but they do benefit the people God cares about. If God cares about them, then so do I. There are so many worthwhile non profits in our country; I’m sure you can find one that you want to support. Financial support or supporting with your time and prayers are all acceptable. I’m positive that $5 to $5 million will be plenty and will be well appreciated. Just do something.

Peace and Blessings,


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  1. Great Post! I'm willing to help shoulder our group. I believe dues and or donation monthly will be a great benefit for us in the future.