Thursday, February 27, 2014



1.  If You wait years to find one...
I've been trying to win a bid on a Hello Kitty cartridge for about 4 years. When my daughter was 16, she went through a Hello Kitty phase and later had a Hello Kitty Sweet 16th birthday Party. That's when the madness began. Now, she is 19 and has moved on to Marilyn Monroe. But me, not willing to accept defeat...I WANT THAT DANG  Hello Kitty Cricut Cartridge. Why? I don't know. I think it's Hello Kitty Fever. 
2.  You are willing to pay for a used cartridge...
The bids range from $65.00-$400.00. The bids use to be this high for Disney; before they were re-released in 2013. Which by the time they were released again, I had already paid $$big bucks. I spent $80.00 for Wishes Come True and it was used and linked. Now, you can get many of the Disney ones for under $50.00; brand new. 
3.  If you dream about Hello Kitty...
My fever must not be too bad because I end my bids with a max of $65.00. But, every week I still bid on it. Why is Hello Kitty so popular? Right now, I have 4 live bids on Hello Kitty Greeting and Hello Kitty Font. 

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