Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WARNING: Venting Session

This coupon almost seems too good to be true...NOT! I have not really shopped at this store for at least 3 years. I mean, I go every now and then when paper is 6 for $.96 or when Fiskars punches are 60 % off. What I really hate about this store is how they get you into the store with a booklet of wonderful coupons. Fifty off of this or an additional 20% off of that. Well, the truth of the matter is; what the heck can you use the coupons on!!!  Anything a person would really want or need is already on sale for a measly 15-25% off. So the coupon is USELESS TO US. Big deal if you say that your will match competitors prices and coupons. Anybody can match a price on something you don't want. You may be asking, What is she talking about? For example the Christian owned craft store has Cricut cartridges and accessories 30% off. Right??Are you going to match that?? Nope. The other craft store with the red and white logo has punches 40% off. Are you going to match that? Nope. Come on guys stop playing the games. The stuff we want is always on sale making your 50% off coupon useless.

Recently, "that" store had a grand opening sale with all of these great coupons. But, all of the popular stuff was already on sale; so I could not use any of the coupons. For goodness sake, all of the DCWV stacks were on sale for 40%; and so was most of the other crafting stuff. Sooo, again I say, why give us coupons for stuff that is already on sale...voiding your own coupon.  OMG don't get me started on the fabric. 

I guess I could use the 50% off coupon on some crepe backed satin in the color of blood clots or maybe I can use it on a some outdated plastic cemetery flowers. 

PS: I know you people mean well but, please STOP sending me emails, text, printed coupons, and ads for that store; you know exactly which store I'm talking about.  I don't really shop there and I wish they would drop me from the mailing list. 

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  1. I sooooo feel you, sis! I rarely go in there anymore! The same ole' same ole' in each and every outdated and predictable with their prices. I sure miss my personal scrapbook stores around here AND wish they'd have kept the J and M stores instead!! :(