Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Royal Scrap Club Member Spotlight

This weeks member in the spotlight is not only one of our charter DPS Nashville, TN members; but she is one of the most supportive people I've ever met. She and I have so very much in common. It is unbelievable how much we have in common from being Boy and Girl Scout Troop Leaders to wedding planning to scrapbooking. She loves red apple decorations in her kitchen...so do I!  She collects tea pots and tea cups...So do I.  We read the same books and even think alike. She is a hands on person and loves crafting challenges. 

Give her a timed project... she jumps right in. If you can't figure out how to create a special project...She can do it. In 2012, my sister and I planned a 70th birthday celebration for my mom. I told her that I wanted 9 centerpieces for the tables and I wanted all of them to be different...She built some outstanding centerpieces. The were so well put together and thoughtful; folks stole them. Yes they STOLE THEM!!!

She is always up for a crafting field trip too. We meet 1-3 times a month and she is always in attendance at 1 or all of the meetings. Did I mention how fast and creative she is?  

 When is at the RSC home office, she has her own seat. I don't know how it happens; but she sits in the same place every time. If she is late, no one will sit in her spot.

Did I mention how supportive she is? My kids just love her. Recently my daughter decided to join the National Guard. Of course I was nervous and worried. She was so concerned that she brought her son; who has been in the military for over 20 years, to my home to talk to us about her new experience. We even prayed for my daughters safety and my peace of mind. She is also my Sunday School teacher. God is Good!

Her home is the place for our yearly anniversary RSC-DPS Nashville celebration and invitation event. 

This is only the half of it...our member spotlight is Dr. Yvonne Taylor.