Thursday, August 22, 2013

RSC Member Spotlight

More than Just Scrapbooking...

The sisterhood of Royal Scrap Club; "Royal Scrappas"  became members of Delta Phi Scrappa (DPS) in 2009 and had its first official DPS-Nashville meeting in December 2009. We began with 13. Many have remained active, some have fallen by the wayside and new members have joined us.  We are approaching our 5th year anniversary as DPS Nashville, TN. So for the next few months, we will be shinning the spot light on member of the original 13 whom have remained faithful and active.

Her  mother got her started with arts and crafts. They did an earlier version of scrapbooking in the 60's; before scrapbooking was cool. They did painting, sewing and macrame in the 70s, photography and crocheting in the 80s. She started quilting and scrapbooking in the 2000's. She went to a Creative Memories party almost 15 years ago and I loved it. 

Hand Made Quilt

She listes to all types of music, (but country and southern gospel.) Right now, she’s kinda into Celtic music. She is married with 2 children, a cat and a few friendly bunnies. 
2011 Retreat to Complete

She loves to read book series. We  have a informal book club. 
One of the many books we have read

She loves to sing and is a member of Long Hollow Baptist Church.
Singing in the LifeWay Choir
 In the spotlight is Scrappin Donnice!
2011 CKC

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