Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Donations, give a ways, Selling, and Useing...

As a small business owner and a scrapbooker for the past 10 years, I've collected (hoarded) a lot of paper, tools, embellishments and more paper. Do you remember before Cricut, we used plastic stencils, traced and cut our die cuts; were they even called die cuts back then? Or do you remember when we purchased children's' coloring books, made a your own template from cardboard, traced your images and cut them out? In my early years of scrapbooking, I did lots of things and purchased a lot of products. Now that I'm taking my business into a new direction; more planned events and crafting retreats, I need to downsize.  I've been working with the scrapbooking club at a local high school here in Nashville and giving some great door prizes at my monthly crops.  Last year I put together a box of scrapbooking items and donated them to the Goodwill. Recently my sister and I participated in a crafting yard sale. We did well.

So, what do you do? You've donated some of your stash; and you still have plenty of stuff left. You give some away to friends and new scrapbookers; you still have plenty of stuff left. You sell from your personal stash; and buy more while you are at the sale. Now you have even more. The cycle continues. So what about using from your stash? I now you have read and heard all of this before. Seriously, you obviously were in love with the stuff when you purchased it, so use it.  When I was preparing for the yard sale, I noticed that a lot of the things I put on the sales table were the "special" items that were just waiting for that special photo. Come on now, you know exactly what I mean. Those special die cuts, ribbon and buttons that you purchased for a special occasion. When the occasion came and you had the pictures, you said "this stuff is to pretty to use for this". Yep, I knew I was not the only one.

Below is a layout created from my Christmas Stash and scraps. All of this stuff is at least 5 or more years old.

I have enough to create a 2 page layout.

Buffy's first Christmas

The pink hearts, the green strip are scraps. The blue snowflake mat is from an old Creative Memories gift  I got form a Christmas CM crop. The tag is from the dollar bin.

I can't even tell you how old the snowflakes are. I just know they are KandCompany.

The small matted journal blocks are from my scrap bag too.

Guess What??? I have a goody bag put together just for you. What are you doing with your stash?

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