Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Doing What You Can With Your Talents

I've been a Wish Granter with Make a Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee for 5 years and have enjoyed every moment of the experience. I've gotten my family involved in the last 3 wishes.  The entire process and the friendships made with the families are priceless.

December 2010, I had planned to make a scrapbook for PW and her family. I put it off and collected items for her book; but I never could find the time to put the book together for her. It was only going to be 20 pages; the number of pages in the standard scrapbook. Sadly, PW passed away during the spring of 2012.  My heart is still heavy with regret; but I am still blessed with memory and strength.

Moving forward; Royal Scrap Club has committed to donating  scrapbooks to the families of a seriously ill children whom have completed a wish through a select wish granting entity. 

Below is the cover page for the DIVAS scrapbook of this journey.  Please pray for us and support us with your crafting talent. If you are already supporting a similar organization; please continue. Lord knows we are all working toward the same goal; preserving the memory of a wish revealed and the wish granted.

 We will have our first cut and assembly crop on March 16, 2013.  During this crop will have our die cutting machines and assembly line ready to complete 100 die cuts.

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