Monday, September 17, 2012

Strong Women Creating Strong Women 001

Celebrating Strong Women
The Relationship between mothers and daughters

I’m the oldest daughter and the bossiest one. From middle school through my early 20’s, I was strong willed and sassy. At times, I was not a good daughter to my mother for several years.  People will say that this is true of all mother/daughter relationships.  Not true. Some mothers-daughter relationships are like friendships; some are like sisters, and some are like frenemies.   I’m not sure why the relationships are sometimes difficult. All I can speak for is me. I was 100% a daddy’s girl. It was all about me and my daddy. He was the one that made me a Princess Diva; which still applies today. So, stay in your lane. LOL
Regardless of the past; my mom is my best friend and my biggest supporter.  As I look back over our lives, We were cut from the same cloth and have so much in common. If I were older, we would be the wonder twins.  I wish I had known this 40 years ago.
·         She was born knowing how to sew; so was I
·         She loved to entertain family and cook big meals; so do I
·         She LOVES shoes and has them in every color; so do I
·         She use to wear the fool out of some church hats; so do I
·         She has a heart for young people; so do I
·         She is not afraid to share the love of Christ; to any one; Same for me
·         She fell in love with a man that was not good for her; me too
·         She attended and graduated from college with honors while raising 2 small children; So did I
·         She saves money to help others; so do I
·         Defied all of the odds of becoming a successful black woman;  so am I
·         My mom NEVER had a man around us other than my dad and family; Me too (**pause NOT because we could not attract men as single moms; but because it was the right thing to do)
·         The list goes on and on…
Because my mother is a strong woman and lead by example, I took it up a notch with my daughter. Each generation has a duty to build for the next generation.  My daughter has never treated me the way I treat my mother; She not crazy!  Because of the life my mother lived before us; it made me a better mother. Because of the lessons the taught; and all of the prayers she prayed; it has made me a great mother to my children.  Strong women create strong women. A tree is known by its fruit.
So, I say this to you ladies; love your daughters. Talk to her like she is a person and not like a piece of property.  When she ask you questions about your childhood or your  “past” be honest. Please don’t lie. If it’s none of her business; tell her why it is none of her business. Teach her about God and tell her why it is important for her to vote. Teach her early about boys.  Take her out on regular outings; no boys or men allowed. Be her number one fan. Whenever she gets out of line; let her know who the boss is and love her even more. Whenever disciple is needed; bring the rain and let it go.
In dedication to my mother and her upcoming 70th birthday, my sister and I are throwing her a spectacular 70th birthday celebration. So here is one of the layouts for the scrapbooks chronicling her life.

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