Thursday, July 26, 2012

Being a Single Mom is NOT a Death Sentence


Don’t believe the Hype!

     Guess what? There are very few statistics that are 100% accurate.  The ones that are 100% accurate include the precious promises of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You can take that to the bank.  You must love and make positive confessions over your children every day. In your prayer time confess, “I have trained up my child in the way he should go and I know that when he is old, regardless of what he may do, he will not depart from the truth that he has been taught. My child will serve the Lord, become a productive member of society, and exceed the expectations of this world. This principle is true regardless of who you call lord. Train your child, speak positive things to them, give of yourself, tell them that love them, teach them the ways of God, and most of all let them know that you love them.  Even though the other parent is not in the picture; I love you.  You can not train up your child if you are chasing men and running schemes to make money. 

     I am a single parent born into a single parent home.  My parents were married very briefly and my dad was very active in my life growing up.  Both of my parents loved me regardless of the situation of my birth. I saw my dad every day and talked to him every day. He could have done better on lots of things; but that is not the point. The point is he loved me and was active in my life.  Not so with my kids dad.  Enough said about that. My mom wanted better and worked full time, went to college, was active in church AND still had time to train up me and my sister. I’ve done the exact same thing with my 2 children. 

    I love being a mom.  I’ve been separated then divorced for about 17 years. It was not as bad as people and statistics predicted. My life as a single mom has been much better than it would have been if I had stayed with their father. TRUST ME!!! If you find yourself placed in the role of a single mom; do the very best you can.  Even though you may get lonely for a man, look at the big picture and think beyond the moment. You are a mom first.  Once you give birth to your child; they are your 1st priority.  Love them because the world is NOT going to do it.  In 17 years, I’ve been involved with 3 men.  But when they wanted more time and attention, I had to kick them to the curb because if I give you more of me, that means, less time for God, less time for my 2 children and less time for me.  C-ya dude.  Plus, I never wanted my children to see men in and out of my life. This is training up your child in the way they should go.
     Nope, being a single mom is not a decree of poverty.  We have everything we need and go on vacations just like 2 parent homes. The government does not take care of us and I do not have a sugar daddy nor do I expect their father to bank roll us; if he can keep a job. Anyway.  Times were hard sometimes; but we did what we could and now I am proud that I have to kids in college! Praise God.  Society did not stop us.  Statistics did not stop us. Gossip and lies did not stop us. All I can say is “ God, with You, I can run through a troop and leap over a wall! Nothing can stop me! Lord, you are a protective high tower for the oppressed and a refuge and stronghold in the times of trouble.

Are you new to being a single mom or are your having issues with training you child/children in the way they should go? Take it to the Lord in prayer. I'm praying for you too. 


  1. Beautiful testimony! I know several single mothers who are living well, ,beating the statistics, and doing a fantastic job raising their children! Kudos to you and all the single moms who are thriving and not just surviving! Such an inspiration!