Saturday, June 23, 2012

SOC Hot Fun in the Summertime Blog Hop: Day 2

Summertime is for Grilling!

   There are two men in my family that can throw down on the Grill! Hon-neey, my Uncle Charles and my cousin Kevin are the real grill masters. This must be a man thing. No matter how hot it is outside, they do not leave the grill. I don’t know what their secret is; but the meat and vegetables are always perfectly seasoned. Yum, yum.
Who is the grill master of your family? Do you attempt to grill?

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(Mr. & Mrs. Olden, my cousins. they are are a grilling team.)

This layout was a challenge because it's all about Kevin and Sugar on the grill. I didn't want the distraction of patterned pager or loads of embellishments.

I choose black black cardstock because of  stitches in the picnic patterned paper and because is was subtle. Just right.

The embellishments are lite and very appropriate for the photographs.

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This page also uses black cardstock. The cardstock makes both pages "pop". These layout are also created from old product and scraps.

The same concept of less is more was also used in this layout. It's all about the photos; not how much stuff you can fit on a page.

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  1. Great story leading to your layout. Let my DH tell it, he fell in love when he saw me take over the grill at HIS sister's bday cookout/housewarming!! LOL. My DH and I both love to the true grill master is... ME!!! ROTFL!!

    1. you go sister. I don't have the patience to grill. I'm a crockpot kind of cook. thanks for sharing your story. Keep up the good work,you have earned the golden grill award. LOL (i'm patting you on your back)

  2. I think you did a great job showing off your photos! Thanks for sharing your layout!

  3. Makes we want to get in line with my plate! I like the red and white table cloth on the bottom.

  4. Love your layout. I'm a big fan of using black cardstock as the base for a lot of my projects because I love the way the pictures or whatever I'm using pop off the page, Great job!

  5. These layouts look great!!! Nice work!

  6. Very clean and simple and straight to the point. As I get older I find I have to get in a mood for things now. I am teaching my hubby how to cook some things and he is learning pretty good.


  7. lovely layout, I haven't been to a picnic in yrs, I sure the food was wonderful as well

  8. Nothing says summer like lightening up the grill!! Finding that perfect burger on somebody's grill(not mine though) is always on my summertime list! Love the patterned paper on the black paper--nice LO!!

  9. Oh I have some picture of the hubby by the grill Inspiration her we come. I love the colors and I ready for a cook out. TFS AJ~