Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Hit it and Quit It"

   When you hear the phrase "hit it and quit it", you automatically think about one night stands. I've never had a one night stand; but I have heard about them. Check out the Urban Dictionary  definition  of Hit it and Quit it. You will get a laugh and a better understanding of what I'm talking about. Well, enough of that. We are going to take this phrase to a whole different level.
    Have you ever looked at some of the layouts on scrapbooking social  sites or in magazines and seen layouts that had so many layered elements, patterned papers, and techniques that it took away from the actual photo? I love layering and embellishments; but not as much as I love to showcase my photos and the stories behind the photos. I recently purchased a couple of paper kits for MAMBI (me and my BIG Ideas) . These kits are awesome and contain lots of "STUFF". Now, just because you have all of that product, it does not mean that you use it all on one layout (LOL). This is where the phrase "Hit it and Quit it" comes into play.
     If your page kit reads that you can create 6 pages for its contents, you can probably really create 12 or more pages from that one package; especially if you have some cardstock at the house.

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