Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So many pictures to choose from


Do you remember your last family vacation? Remember all of the pictures you took? Now, it's time to scrap those memories.  So what do you do when you have 20 or more photos of a single event? A few years ago, my kids and I went to Disney World in Orlando, FL for about 7 days.  Even thought this was our 2nd time going to Disney World, I still took so many pictures. One of the majors for us was that we were selected to be the Grand Marshals of the "Disney Stars and Motor Cars" parade!  That was a major.

Nevertheless, I used an entire role of film on that one event. A photo from just about every angle. I was so excited that I scrapped those photos within 30 of the vacation (any of you who know me personally, know that I am usually a year or 2 behind). I could have created an entire 8.5x11 album of this one event. I ended up with 12 total 12x12 pages of this one event.  Below is how I incorporated all of the good photos from that single event.  I also used the same technique through the entire scrapbook. However for the sake of your time, I will only include the parade.

1.  I chose to use solid cardstock and thinly torn patterned paper only as accents because I wanted all of the focus on the photos.

2.  The yellow and blue was chosen to match the colors of the banner and the car.  The foam stars and Disney punch letters were nice and somewhat subtle.

3. No reason for using the decorative scissor :  )

4.  This page has a total of 7 photos.

5.  See the lower left. I created a photo slide using 1 square brad and fibers. 

6.  See the upper right. I used 4x6 mats and 2 brads for this mini booklet on the page. That mini contains 4 photos.

7. 2 photo slider

8.  I also cut the page protector to allow the readers to slid the photos.

9.  Notice the star cut-out on the bottom right of the first photo. I used a pop dot to raise the star so that it the star could be used to slid the photo.

10.  This page has a total of 8 photographs. The same technique was used as listed above. 

 11.  Thanks for checking out this post.

I would like to see how you use several photos in your layouts.

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