Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making the best of double sided paper


Have you ever spent extra money buying multiple sheets of the same double sided paper just because you couldn't decide which side to use? What about the nice paper from Creative Memories or Stampin Up! Their paper is  pretty and of good quality; but its never on sale; unless it's about to be discontinued.  You can find some nice double sided papers at any of the 3 major craft stores and even at your local Archiver$.  Ok, let me stop before a rant comes on.  I recently purchased a very nice paper pack from Stampin Up!; Letters to Santa. This paper has that nice vintage-regal color look that I love so well. However, there are on 12 sheets (2 each of 6 double-sided designs) for about 10-12 bucks. Trust me, the paper is worth every penny you spend.

So, I've decided to start using both sides of the paper in my books. It takes extra planning and time; but it will save you a few dollars.  Below are my first 2 layouts using 1 and 1/2 sheets of the double sided paper.

Letter to Santa Requesting a Puppy for Christmas

  • Letters To Santa Designer Series 
  • Paper Studio Ribbon
  • Paper Studio Brads
  • Cricut Sentimentals shape cartridge

I cut the 2nd sheet of postcard paper so that I could see the stamps; which will tie it to the back of this sheet.  It also matches the them of the layout.

The hand and quill are from the Cricut Sentimentals Cartridge.

The Dog Bone and WOOF ribbon are Paper Studio.  The Brads are also Paper Studio. All can be found at your local Hobby Lobby.

I also use Glitter Glue from the Dollar bin at Michaels for accents. 

What do you think so far??? Lets move on the the other side of the Postcard sheet.


I cut another sheet of the Postcard sheet to tie it to the leading page of my letters to Santa. 

  • Letters To Santa Designer Series 
  • Paper Studio Ribbon
  • Staples
  • Jolees stickers
  • Walnut colored pigment ink

I used the pigment ink to tone down the "whiteness" of the paper and the stickers. I thought it would make them blend better with the muted colors in the paper.

This is my first time using both sides of double sided paper. Please tell me what you think.  BTW I've included a copy of the letters to Santa.

Dear Santa
How are you, your family and the Elves?  I hope everything is well and it’s not too cold. I know you are very busy, so I will keep this letter short.
We lost our long time family pet, Blade, back in July.  He was such a good dog and friend to my son  Galon.
I would like another dog for Christmas; if possible.  I would like a female shizu.  I promise to love and care for her as if she was a human child.  We love dogs and she will be well loved.
Below is a photo of the dog I would like to have. Thanks Santa. You are a real pal and a stand-up guy.

Peace and Blessings,
Cynthia Pride
Nashville, Tennessee

Follow up letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I really hate to complain, but the dog you arranged for us to have is going to be big. Judging from the size of her feet, she is going to be a big dog. I really don’t think she will fit in my purse; much less wear a tutu.  Did you make a mistake or did you decide that a big dog is what we need?
She is cute and I’m still going to name her Buffy Amanda Pride.  Please give me some feedback. This dog is going to be big.
Thanks again Santa.

Peace and Blessings,
Cynthia Pride
Nashville, Tennessee


  1. Nice LO! I love double sided paper!! I get more bang for the buck with it, and it allows me to spread the paper through out my project. I love the letters to Santa and the cute pic of your furry friend. Maybe she's a shizu mix? She looks like a sweet pup! Happy New Year!!