Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sharing the Love of Christ

     Take the time to share the love of Christ today.  I don't mean grab someone and beat them with the words in bible nor do I mean to bum-rush somebody and use the Word to condemn or cause shame. When i say share the love of Christ, you first need to know who he is.  Do you know who Jesus is? Who is he to you? Do you have enough of a relationship with him to be able to share him and his LOVE.
     Jesus is not just the Word; but he is a smile, and a kind word. A smile and a kind word to everyone you make eye contact with; not just the people who look  like you. Sharing Christ is help for the needy, food for the hungry and sincerity.  Jesus is a comforter and confidant; a problem solver and burden bearer.
     Yesterday, I was taking my daughter to her bus stop when we saw a young lady walking towards downtown.  This young woman was nicely dressed; carrying a pair of flip flops in her hand and walking barefooted.  It was obvious that she was in a hurry and could walk faster with no shoes on. I knew that he feet were hurting and that they were going to swell beyond belief. I knew that I needed to act.  **BUT, let me tell you this first. I was driving on fumes, my daughter was about to miss her school bus, I was about to be late for work, and this lady was a stranger.** I took my daughter to her bus stop, made a u-turn, and went back for this young lady.  She had walked pretty far but still had a ways to go.  I not only went back for her, I gave her a pair of  the 8 pairs of shoes I had in my car, and offered to give her money. She took the shoes but declined the money.  During the ride, I was able to share the love of Christ with her by letting her know that God has a plan to meet her every need. This young lady told me that she had moved from Ohio to Nashville with her boyfriend and was now alone. Not able to go home and trying to make the best of this awful situation. The world needs to know that we are ambassadors of the Kingdom. 
     Jesus Christ is the immeasurable love of God the Father.  He has given to us freely; so today freely share him and his love.

Mrs. Pink1

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