Friday, July 1, 2011

Scrapbook Memories

August 27, 2011
What colors make you feel good?  Are there certain colors that bring out certain emotions? I love bright colors; because a sister from church once told me "changing the colors of your clothes will change your mood."  This was back in 1996; after my marriage was over.  I was so angry and bitter. When I could afford to buy clothes, I bought blacks, navy, and browns. I didn't do it conscientiously, but because that was my mood. crazy right?  After that revelation, I started buying bright colors; mostly purple and pink.  Now, I see that that was so true. Thank you Lady Carol, that tip saved my essence.  Now, I really love pink; its my power color. When I feel like i'm getting down or just feeling extra menopausal, I put on some pink. 
"Pink is my power color"


  1. My power color is purple (which happens to be my favorite color and the color of my birthstone.) I love seeing it, wearing it, and creating with it. However, lately I noticed that I love that bright neon green too.

    I went through some hard times years ago after graduation and moving on after a break up. (I call it my "Blue Period," lol All I wore was navy blue jeans, shirts, jackets 24/7. However, I took some advice, kinda like Lady Carol's and started wearing colors again. You're right!It will change your outlook! Sorry for rambling, but it was a great post!

  2. Hi Cheryl L.

    You are not rambling at all. During my dark days, I wore the same three dark colors. I hair was a mess and my children were unhappy; and it showed. We all have our dark times; but then the Lord always sends us a life preserver. Some times it's in a person or even a tragic story on the news. I believe that if we as women encourage each other, the world will be a much better place. Lady Carol was a solid sister for me during my dark days. As I look back on those times now, all I can say is "Thank you Lord"

    Thanks again Cheryl. Please stop by often.

    Peace and Blessing 2UIJN