Friday, November 20, 2015

Finding the Message in the Mess

Finding the Message in the Mess
(warning is is not a scrappy post)

For at least 8 weeks, my life has been changing rapidly.  From the launching of a new business venture to, redefining friendships, to starting a now job. It is amazing how God speaks to us from the most unlikely places. Whether its from the pulpit of your local place of worship or from a random stranger at the Kroger. God will always speak through; and you can always find the message in the mess. All you need to do is be open to listen. Read the Word so that you will be familiar with His will and His voice.

HEARING GOD ON THE JOURNEY: In 2003 Royal Scrap Club was created and founded as the result of a children's Sunday School class. It all began at my kitchen table with some Elmer's glue, construction paper, and decorative patterned scissors. I had no idea that it would bloom into RSC & Company. I had no idea that a ministry and encouragement for women,  through scrapbooking, world be born.. Through the years, member have come and gone. Many have been blessed and inspired; not by me, but by the comfort of spirit filled women of God. I would not trade this journey for anything.

Has God placed you a a path? Are you following it? Can you take your journey alone? I've recently learned that everybody can't follow you on your journey. You try include them and make them apart of your trip; but did God ask you to bring others along? This question reminds me of Abraham and Lot in Genesis 12:1-7. God spoke to Abraham; and established a covenant with Abraham. Lot was not included. Didn't mean that God did not have a plan of Lot and his family. It just means that God was very specific about the path and journey set out for Abraham and his seed. 

My spiritual gift is to listen and encourage women. He didn't give it to everybody; soooo people will come and some will go. Just like the circumstances that separated Abraham and Lot, I have to fulfill the plan laid out for me [mistakes and all]. God has given me the gift of scrapbooking and event planning as a tool to further His plans. Not to mention, he tailor made this scrappy job just for me--.

SEEING THE LIGHT THOUGH SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media can be both a blessing and a curse. Social media helps us to connect with  friends and family, promote causes,  grow businesses, to share encouragement and ministry. Social media has even been a launch pad to stardom; just look at Justin Beiber. Unfortunately social media is used as a weapon and cyber bullying. You will find that people will people share way, way too much of their personal lives and even lie. They will post pictures, screenshots, tag you in things meant to hurt you, and even air you business. All to hurt you. But you MUST look beyond the mess, reevaluate your circle, and eventually cut ties. If not, you will find yourself responding to the negative mess and losing your joy, peace, and your light. Realize that Satan's uses people and his job is to steal, kill and to destroy. steal your joy, kill your spirit, and destroy your witness. I type all of this just to say shine the light of Christ in darkness, put the enemy in his place [under your feet] and view social media as optional.

NEVER LOSE YOURSELF: I grew up in a home with a strong single mother. My mother worked 2 jobs, went to college, and provided for us. She taught us how to pray and how to stand in victory; EVEN when you are surrounded by mess. Because of that, I have a strong sense of self, trust in the Only True and Living God, and a backbone. However, when I was young, our home situation was not always great because we were poor. Now, because my mom always wanted more for us, she taught us. She taught us about the Name of Jesus, prayer, and making money with our God given talents [sewing, baking, cooking...]. As a result have 2 very successful businesses [Perfected with Grace since 1988 and Royal Scrap Club since 2003], a relationship with God, 2 great children. I have 3 super powers: RESILIENCE, DETERMINATION, AND THE ABILITY TO SPOT A FAKE.

WHATS THE MESSAGE: Love God and Love people. People will always be people; and not perfect beings. We all grew up differently, hold different values, and have different views on friendships/relationships. If a person did not grow up in a nurturing and loving home, they will not know how to grow and keep positive and nurturing relationships. If you grew up in home where your emotional,  spiritual, and social needs were meet, then more than likely you will be able to give the same to the world and the people around you. Know your circle and trust God's Holy Spirit. Never put more trust in people than you put in human nature. Don't believe the hype and always use the Word test. Never, ever, ever try to destroy a person to make yourself feel good.

(shout out to Scott Johnson)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where did the summer go? It's hard to believe that next week is the end of the month. November is just around the corner. Next thing you know, it will be Christmas...and the new year will be here. With the new year comes more expansion for Royal Scrap Club (RSC) & Company.

2016 will bring lots of changes for Royal Scrap Club. Each year is another vision fulfilled. The more God's Holy Spirit revels, the more the business grows. RSC was launched in the Spring of 2003, 2005 the club was formed, 2008 Delta Phi Scrappa was integrated into the business, 2010 ushered in monthly workshops, field trips and fellowship crops, 2011 brought Royal Scrap Club Crops & Retreats, 2013 open crops, 2014 quarterly themed crops,  retreats, and layout kits and banners, and 2015 Royal Scrap Club Boutique! -To God be the glory

Royal Scrap Hosted its 3rd Crop & Retreat on October 16, 17, 18.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Royal Scrapbooking Club©: Gateway Drugs and Addctive Behavior

Royal Scrapbooking Club©: Gateway Drugs and Addctive Behavior: Scrapbooking Gateway Drugs and Addictive Behavior Scrapbookers Gateway:   a drug (cardstock) whose use is thought to lead to the us...

Gateway Drugs and Addctive Behavior

Scrapbooking Gateway Drugs and Addictive Behavior

Scrapbookers Gateway:  a drug (cardstock) whose use is thought to lead to the use of and dependence on a harder drug (as double sided printed cardstock). 

HELLO, MY MAME IS CYNDI and I’m addicted to paper, glitter, and buttons. I’m on a crafting purchase “fast” and not doing well at all. I’m also sailing toward a crop addition. But there is nothing like an addition to paper. 
 I recently went to a crop where we waited for almost over an hour in line in order to get a good seat. Obsession? Fun? What ever it was, it was FUN!!

Once you are addicted, you will find yourself buying paper for an open van, in the middle of a parking lot with hundreds of witnesses. You throw caution to the wind; not caring who is looking or taking pictures of you  feeding the paper beast inside of you heart and mind. And then, it hits you-the unmistakable smell of ink and the feel of heavy cardstock. Oh Lord, and then you see the vibrant colors and the details of each line combined to make very appealing design. The next thing you know; you are smelling the paper and rubbing the paper between your thumb and pointer finger. You’re somehow transformed back into the day when you purchased your first pack of Stampin Up! paper and how it felt; you remember how well it cut with your paper trimmer. The all of a sudden you are buying more and more. You cry out saying “Yes, Yes, Yesss. It’s double sided”. My scrappy friends like paper too. So we will just be addicted together.

My sisters in the struggle; Scarlett and Sharon, know exactly how it feels to be addicted/in love with paper. Is there hope? Is there freedom from the addiction? Can we be saved? Absolutely. Is there a way to curb the hunger of paperphilia? 
The Magic Mike of the paper world, is Stampin Up, Bo Bunny, Bella Blvd, Simple Stories, and The Paper Loft. I’m sure there are several more great brands out there, but those are my favs. What are you favorite paper brands? When we went to the crop at Trace Creek, I found all of my favorite brands of paper plus lots of extra stuff. My crew found lots of good deals at the yard sale. So It's a good thing we have CPR coming up on October 16, 17, 18, 2015 . During the CPR Crop, we will go through a little scrappy therapy and rehab.

Royal Scrap Club; Scrapbooking Club for Busy Women Event Center

CPR 2015 Fall Crop & Retreat"The Doctor Will See You Now"October 16, 17, 18, 2015Montgomery Bell State Park Inn & Conference Center1000 Hotel AvenueBurns, TN 37029 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Royal Scrapbooking Club©: Play the Hand You've Been Dealt

Royal Scrapbooking Club©: Play the Hand You've Been Dealt:  Garden Download for today.  I planted seeds in my kitchen on April 11, 2015. I planted 3 seeds per cup. A few weeks later it was tim...

Play the Hand You've Been Dealt

 Garden Download for today. 

I planted seeds in my kitchen on April 11, 2015. I planted 3 seeds per cup. A few weeks later it was time to plant into the ground. All of the plants received water, sunlight, food, and positive conversation from me. A few more weeks pasted and the garden was getting crowded and had to be thinned before it was too late. Squash, watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini etc.; no plant was untouched. The plants that were removed were not thrown into the trash; they were placed on a plant tray. They still received water and food. The separated plants; though stunted, but continued to grow. The plants that were separated and placed in the plant tray still had a portion of the original soil and still received words of affirmation. 

A few more weeks passed and the plants in the garden bed began to bear fruit. The plants in the tray were still green and doing their best with their circumstances. Then I noticed, 1 of the separated plants began to produce blooms; no fruit but blooms. So I took that 1 cucumber plant and planted it into the ground with its soil and told (yes I talk to my plants every day) “there is no room for you in the bed, so you are going to have to do the best you can.” The other plants remained in the tray for a couple more weeks. One (1) plant gave up and died, while still receiving water and food. Four (4) were adopted and three (3) were left in the tray. The cucumber plant that was planted into the gown receives water that runs from the gaps between the hose and the faucet. It gets sun but no extra food. It gets words of encouragement and tough love. Believe it or not; it that plant is catching up to the ones planted into the garden bed. So today I planted the 3 remaining plants into the same hard unconditioned soil just to see if they will have the same determination. It was at that time that the Holy Spirit reminded me that you have to play the hand you’ve been dealt. When your life is snatched from the very gates of hell and you receive another chance, play your hand with fervor and determination.  

"Play the hand you're dealt" my friend.   Things happen in our life that we don't always like or have control over. You are sometimes placed in a position because of decisions that our parents or grandparents made. Sometimes you can't fix or change it because of your own mindset and lack of opportunities.  We have to play the hand that we were dealt. Now, my friend,  HOW you play that hand is completely up to you. Like Donnie McClurkin said" We fall down but we get up"   You can not allow your circumstances or the situation you are in dictate the outcome of  your life; you have the power to determine the outcome. You can't do it alone; you must have the direction of Gods Holy Spirit.

We all have a mother (gardener) and the same beginning; a seed is planted and grows. Let’s start with kindergarten; when the separation and pruning begins. No child has control over the circumstances of their birth, social and economic development. But the difference is made for them by parents and society. Society separated us based on our zip code, your parent’s level of education, and even your religious affiliation. Sad but true. Around the beginning of middle school you have to determine where you want your life to go. Do you want to be with to be with the crowd making wrong decisions or can you handle being called a nerd or teacher’s pet on the way to getting an education? Play the wrong card if you want to and DCS, CJC, and MPD have a place waiting for you. You can make it if you are determined to succeed.

         For example: In the game of UNO, you have no choice but to play the hand you're dealt. How you play that hand is the key and super important. If I play it wrong, you are done. You can have a killer hand with 4 wild cards  and use them at the wrong  time, then you are out because of circumstances. At the same time you can have a bad and you can win. You have a good hand with the right colors, on you way to saying UNO...Then life hits you with a Skip Card ( you did not get the job you wanted, your pell grant did not come through, you are always a bridesmaid and never the bride). You keep holding on to Wild Card. The the next blow comes, you get hit with a Draw 4 card (lost your job, unplanned pregnancy, cancer, failed marriage, death of a love one...). Then all of a sudden that wild card is looking so great...
My Point is,  when the cards have been dealt and you are going "through"  (and we all do), remember, you have to make a conscience decision on how you play the "hand you were dealt". Don't give up  PLAY IT RIGHT!!! 

So what if you were separated from the mainstream by an unplanned pregnancy, a failed marriage, a drug addiction, job loss, or death of a loved one. You may not be where the others are yet (owning a home, a great credit score, children in college, a new car, a great high paying job, or multiple college degrees). You can handle a set back with God. The opportunity is there; but you have to want more and fight for it. So what if you are a little stunted; keep growing. So what if the drive and determination of others is dying around you; keep growing.  Who cares if no one in your family has ever tried to better themselves and fight for a better life; play your hand and keep growing.  Yes, you got separated from the group and yes, you have to fight for every bit of nourishment; but play your hand and keep growing. So what if people are raving and visiting the successful bed of plants (people), you are still one of Gods plants. Yes, you are still in the race to bear fruit. You must Fight, keep growing and playing your hand. Time will tell. 

Peace & Blessings,
Scrappin “Garden” Chick